NSU Welcomes New Students to Summer 2017

The 73nd Undergraduate Orientation program of North South University for Summer 2017 will be held on March 18. NSU warmly welcomed nearly 1200 new students. This orientation program, which marked the beginning of an important journey for the newly-enrolled students, provided them and their parents and guardians with a wholesome idea of what the institution truly represents. The batch of Fall 2016 was introduced to not only the rigorous academic life of the university and its opportunities, responsibilities, and resources, but they also began to connect with their peers and learn about various aspects of campus life. Caring and cooperative student volunteers helped and guided the new students. Attendees received an overview of the rules, values, history, tradition, and culture of the university community and learned about the university's beautiful campus.

Renowned faculty, and notable accomplishments.
The Special Guests of the orientation program were Mr. Benazir Ahmed, Director General, RAB Forces, and Mr. Azim Uddin Ahmed, Honorable Chairman, Board of Trustees, NSU. Mr. Md. Shahriar Alam, M.P., Honorable State Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh was the Honorable Chief Guest. The Vice Chancellor, Professor Atiqul Islam, chaired the program. Several Trustee Members were present at the event as well, along with all the deans, department chairs, faculty members, and administrators.
The day commenced with a recitation from the Holy Quran, followed by a welcome speech by Mr. Md. Shahjahan, the Registrar of NSU. Afterwards, the new students and their parents and guardians were given a thorough introduction to all the different schools and departments.
In his speech, Mr. Azim Uddin Ahmed conveyed that the culture of NSU is conducive to professional satisfaction, morale, and effectiveness, as well as to student learning, fulfillment, and scholarship. He further stated that the university consists of a community of academics characterized by collaboration, innovation, and personalized instruction. He further spoke about NSU's collaboration agreements with reputable universities in the USA such as the University of Maryland, George Washington University, and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
NSU places a high priority on financial aid, and the university has a standing commitment to meet the financial needs of eligible students. In Fall 2016, a total of 17 students were awarded financial waivers based on their previous academic attainment and admission test results.
In an inspiring and delightful speech, Professor Atiqul Islam stated that NSU consists of a select group of people, with various career aspirations, backgrounds, and life experiences, who regularly demonstrate great intellectual curiosity, insight, leadership skills, determination, and potential for development through both opportunity and adversity. He also proudly affirmed that the university's curriculum is recognized worldwide; NSU graduates are therefore given preference when they seek jobs or when they go on to pursue higher education.

Reflecting on the barbaric terrorist attacks at the Holey Artisan Bakery and Sholakia Eidgah and the shocking involvement of young, educated individuals in these terrible incidents, Special Guest Mr. Benazir Ahmed emphasized that even though it is important for universities to ensure that their students are compassionate, tolerant, well-rounded individuals, parents and guardians also need to play a major part in looking after the security, daily habits, and whereabouts of their children. He further conveyed that each of the students has a vital role to play to contribute to the betterment and growth of their country. Furthermore, Honorable Chief Guest Mr. Md. Shahriar Alam stated that making ignorant assumptions
about the character of various universities will not lead to any satisfactory consequences, as terror-
ism is a disease that we all need to battle collectively. He lauded the NSU community for their brilliant efforts to protest against terrorism. Both Mr. Ahmed and Mr. Alam were presented with crests at the event.

Members of the North South University Shangskritik Shangathan staged stunning and entertaining cultural and musical performances in the latter half of the program. The guests, volunteers, and others were provided with refreshments as well.
The NSU family congratulates the new students of Fall 2016 on their achievement and hopes that, in the years ahead, they have a splendid and rewarding experience here at the university.