Department of Pharmaceutical Science of NSU Celebrates World Pharmacists Day

Pharmacists Day 2016, a day to recognize the role played by pharmacists in healthcare. Pharmacists nowadays do not limit themselves to merely developing and dispensing of drugs; in fact, they are a crucial, driving force dedicated to improving public health. To encourage people to acknowledge pharmacists' role in the health care system, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) has been celebrating World Pharmacists Day every year with a new theme since 2010. The theme for this year is "Pharmacists: Caring for You" in line with FlP President Dr. Carmen
Pena's message that "pharmacists' role in the
public health care sector has advanced from
just being the provider of medicines to that of

To express the significance of this day, a festive and colorful rally was held on campus by the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in association with the North South University Pharmaceutical Club (NSUPSC). The enthusiastic participation of students and faculty members spread a positive vibe around the campus. Much to the delight of the participants, the Special Guest, Mr. Md. Shajahan, Member of the Board of Trustees, graced the event with his presence. Professor Atiqul Islam, the Honorable Vice Chancellor, inaugurated the rally as the Chief Guest and Professor Dr. G. U. Ahsan, Dean of the School of Health and Life Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, orchestrated the whole event.

Prior to the start of the rally, Professor Atiqul Islam stated, "The optimal source of long term growth of a society is through improvement of public health services. Events like the World Pharmacists Day enable us to go beyond our nature of thinking of short-term solutions, and embrace the variety of roles that can be carried out by pharmacists to improve health worldwide." Dr. G. U. Ahsan recognized the various contributions of pharmacists in exporting medicines to over 100 countries. He also focused on how important it was to have regular events to commemorate their efforts so as to encourage a greater number of students to enter the health sciences.

Mr. Md. Shajahan praised the high caliber of students in NSU's Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and urged them to continue their endeavors so that they can successfully contribute to the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare in general. In celebrating the 6th World Pharmacists Day at North South University, Dr. Hasan Mahrnud Reza added that, "Pharmacists have significantly contributed to overall development of Pharma industries in Bangladesh, and now they should be more engaged in the health care system to ensure rational use of drugs in a cost-effective manner."

Even though pharmacists play a central role when it comes to manufacture of medicines, the role of pharmacists as health care providers has not been satisfactorily established in Bangladesh. The most underdeveloped area in Bangladesh is pharmacy practice. Therefore, pharmacy graduates are encouraged to develop careers in this sector, which is vital for our country's public health services, However, in order to pave the path for pharmacists in the area of pharmacy practice and health counseling, the government needs to play a significant role in the development and overhauling of the existing healthcare infrastructure.

At the end of the rally, each student left not only with practical souvenirs but also with dreams, inspiration, and a heightened sense of the contributions and achievements of pharmacists worldwide.