Composition on Housing Problem in Bangladesh and Solutions

Human life is full of necessities. Amongst them there are three basic, necessities of human life: food, clothing and housing. The last one has become a great problem nowadays and is possibly the most difficult to solve. Both the people and government find it difficult to cope with this problem.

In many countries of the world, the population is increasing at a fast rate but houses are not increasing in sufficient number. The main reasons for this are the high cost of building materials and lack of space.

People suffer a lot because of the housing problem. Often they are to spend a large part of their income on accommodation. They are to live in small flats or apartments. Rooms are not enough for all the members of the family. Children cannot play or have study rooms. Often people are to rent houses in the crowded or unhealthy areas. They often rent a house far from the place of work. They therefore have to spend a lot on transport. Often the houses are without repair. The roofs leak and the walls and floors are damp. There may not be suflicient water supply or other facilities.

There should be a big housing programme to meet the situation. People should be encouraged to construct more houses. They should get loan from banks or institutions like the House Building Finance Corporation for this purpose.

The government should also undertake a big housing programme. Housing should be given due importance in national planning. The government should make sure that sufficient houses come up every year.

There are many private housing societies in the country. These should be encouraged to build more houses. But bogus housing societies should not be allowed to cheat the people.

In fine, there should be an adequate national programme on-housing. It should take note of the increase in pepulation and plan construction of houses in time. A sound national policy can solve much of the accommodation problem.